Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm Watching 'Pretty In Pink' While I Write This

In my humble opinion Andie should have chosen Duckie but if it were me I would have totally gone after James Spader's character, Steff.  He's dirty hot.  Okay, now that that point of business has been resolved, how y'all doin?

Things have been interesting around these here parts.  My last post I was being attacked by allergies and yesterday I was bitten by a dog while jogging.  It was super fun.  It sounds more dramatic than it really is.  I had to file a report with Animal Control, make a visit to the Doc, get a tetanus shot and now I wait.  The owners have made no attempt to return my call or the calls from the Health Department and Animal Control.  I just hope that I don't have to go to small claims court.  I doubt the judge would be as cool as Judge Judy.

So yes, I have included the Couch 2 5K program into my workout routine.  I really like it.  It's really hard but I like it.  I'm not a runner, never have been but this program makes running more attainable.  Many of you out there have already done this or are currently doing this program and after reading many of your wonderful reviews I decided to give it a try.  I'm still Zumba-ing away and have also included a weight lifting class as well.  The allergies and dog bite not withstanding, I feel pretty darn good.

I didn't weigh in the week I was sick but last Tuesday I was down 1 lb and yesterday I was down 1.6.  Slow and steady....very,very,very slow and steady.  Total of 35.6 lost so that means I got a pedicure!  My toes are a lovely shade of purple, just in time for spring.

I just hope that nothing catastrophic happens before next Tuesday's weigh in.  What's next?  Locusts? 
Have a good week!  :D


Candy Morrison said...

I'm also doing the couch to 5k, but at a much slower rate. I started doing 60 sec run/ 2 min walk, then built up. And I'm doing each week for 2 weeks each. I have never been a runner either and had no clue how it was going to affect my joints! Good luck, and hope the locus' stay far away!

Christina said...

awesome job on the loss!! Like we always hear slow and steady wins the race!!! Hope your enjoying c25k I couldn't get past the week that had the 20min run in it because it is so hot in az!