Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Good Lord!  Has it really been since September that I have posted here? Whew!  That's crazy....

So, um....yeah.  Hi.  Where do I begin?  Well, maybe bullet points are best so here goes:

  • Changed careers from being a massage small business owner to working in New Home Sales.
  • Quit Weight Watchers, put on 10 lbs, tried to loose it myself with different techniques
  • Joined Weight Watchers again, this time online. 
  • The wedding I was MOH in happened, without a hitch.
  • Made some new friends, moved on from others.
  • Working on moving back to the thriving metropolis that is Fredericksburg, VA
  • Went to Germany....had a blast!
  • Going to Vegas for the first time in April for work training...so excited!
Besides those things, life has been pretty mundane.  Busy but good.  Some ups, some downs and a lot of changes, some small some big.

I have been thinking about the blogosphere and what I want to put out into it.  Yes, I will keep reporting on my healthy lifestyle journey but I would like to focus on other things as well.  Things that inspire me, make me happy, make me think....etc.

Enough about me, how are all of you??