Thursday, January 27, 2011

At least it's not a gain....

Down 1 lb this week.  Don't get me wrong I am glad it is a loss but after being up the past two weigh ins and working out at least 4-5 times a week I am disappointed that it's not more.  I was even floating under the illusion that since I was working out that I was gaining muscle but our last WW meeting put that myth to rest. 

I'm not giving up but I am very frustrated.  I have been playing around on the WW site, entering in my activity points, trying to find new recipes and to become inspired instead of insulted (darn you scale!)  There are a few things I can think of that may be giving me issue; I may be eating too many carbs and not enough veggies and protein, I'm having some "female" issues that may or may not be adding fuel to the fire or my body is just trying to find a balance since I am changing my routines.  It really isn't as cut and dry as they make it seem on Biggest Loser (which I stopped watching 2 years ago.)

So there you have it.  Not my peppiest post but then I am not feeling very peppy right now.

Friday, January 21, 2011


or What the Heck.  I'm up .8 (point 8) this week.  Ugh!  I am a little confused because I worked out at least 5 times last week.  Yes, my eating could have been better (it can always be better) but I really feel that I did well last week.  Well, there was one night when I went to watch a salsa band play and there may or may not have been a couple dirty martinis in the mix as well as a few shots but I'm really not sure nor should I be held accountable for them. 

Okay, got the "princess" out of my system.  The alcohol is more than likely the culprit.  Let's face it, it's usually the culprit behind any gain I have.  To test my theory I am not "tying one on" at all this weekend, I have worked out every day this week, my eating has been fabulous (lots of fruits and veggies) so we will see where that lands me on the scale.  It better land me a lose Dammit!

How is everyone doing on their workouts?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I believe I am in love....again.  Why oh why did I ever stop Zumba-ing??  Yes, I'm sure that some of my enthusiasm is due to the fact that I am still very much in the honeymoon stage with my membership but you know what?  I don't care!  I am having way to much fun to care.  Now, I know that you may worry that I have tunnel vision and only care for Zumba but I say "Nay!", I am also crushing on yoga, muscle pump and restorative stretch.  I am still a little shy when it comes to saying "Hi" to the core classes but as my self confidence improves I'm sure I will have the courage to sit at the cool core's lunch table.

I am up .6 (point six) as of my weigh in on Tuesday but like Fat Bridesmaid I too am gonna hold Mother Nature accountable. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well Folks....

I did it.  I joined the YMCA last Sunday and have already been 3 times.  Plus, I was down 4 lbs at Tuesday's weigh in.  Squeeeee!  I am battling a wee head cold or sinus trouble right now but I am hoping to feel better soon so that I may take full advantage of all the lovely Zumba classes the Y is offering.

This is my last week as a full time employee of the spa.  Sure I will fill in from time to time but I feel that now is well past the time for me to really focus on making my business a success.  Wish me luck!

How was everyone's New Years?  Let's just say that Mario Kart played a large part in mine.