Friday, July 13, 2012


Why hello there!  If you sent out a missing persons report please forgive me.  What an amazing and crazy adventure is life!  I would like to update you all with loads of descriptive paragraphs but unfortunately time is a constant challenge these days.  So bullet points it is!
  • In April the company I work for sent me to Rapport Leadership Training in Las Vegas.  The training itself was for only 2 days but my amazing boss told me to go for the week since I had never been to Vegas before and wanted to taste it's cultural delights.
  • I stayed here the first night and pretended that I was in Ocean's 11:
 The Bellagio

  • Once back from training I stayed the remainder of my trip here:
The Aria in City Center
  • Both hotels are exquisite.  I have to say that the modern cultural melting pot that was the Aria really did it for me.  Sooooo lovely and the place smelled like heaven.
  • I ate at many wonderful restaurants and met some amazing people.  If I had won the lottery I probably would have done some major damage in the shops of Las Vegas.  I also saw 'O' which was too much fun!

  • Back from Vegas and renewed by Rapport I dove headlong into work.  Which majorly paid off.....I was promoted to sales manager of my own community and sold my very first house two weeks ago.
  • I moved back to the city into a beautifully renovated 2 bedroom condo with loft that used to be an old pencil factory.  So charming!  Plus I lead a very Will and Grace lifestyle with my fabulous roommate.  I just lurve him.  He helps me pick out accessories for my work outfits.  :)
  • There are a few areas in my life that suffered due to my focus on work.  My health and weight loss goals were one of them and some of my friendships were the other.  Feeling disconnected from close friends is for the birds!  However, I know that time will help and if friendships are meant to change then so be it.
Enough about me for now, what changes have been happening in your life?