Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Little Ms. Cranky Pants

Hey guys.  *hides sheepish and apologetic grin*

So yeah, my last post was rather cranky wasn't it?  Sorry about that.....sometimes my temper gets the better of me.  Well, let me start by thanking everyone for their most helpful and might I add, AWESOME suggestions for my tracking allergy.  It's still a challenge for me but I am getting better at it.

I purchased a three month journal which I sometimes write in and sometimes I use my phone app to record but mostly I just went back to eating power foods.  I needed to reset my clock so to speak.  Well mission accomplished.  I feel inspired again.....I so needed that.  I happy to report that I am .6 (point six) of a pound away from 40lbs lost!!!  Super Squee!  Mother Nature is visiting so I have no doubt that next Tuesday's weigh in will be a good one as well.

I'm still working out.... a lot.  And I am really enjoying it.  It really does affect my mood in a very positive way.  However, I had to stop the C25K program due to a hip flexor injury.  I think that I am still too heavy to put that much pounding pressure on my joints.  I will rest for a month and then try again and see where I stand.

So how is the summer treating all of you?  :D