Thursday, September 23, 2010

HIYAAA!!! *Karate Kick*

That's right, down 5.8 lbs this week!  I got my Mr. Miyagi on ALL over those pounds.  Even if you don't count the 3.4 lbs that I gained  last week that is still a very respectable 2.4 lb lost.  I am reeeedaunkulously happy with this.

I know that my posts have been rather short of late but that is because I am trying to keep busy.  I am trying to do more social things to keep my spirits up.  In fact, I have a date with Mr. Anthony Bourdain tonight.  Yes, that's right ladies.... a live and in person date.  He is speaking at the university in my town and I am on my way to dinner and then to silently stalk him as he pontificates on life, food and rock n roll.

Check ya on the flip side!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Aunt flow did come to town, just in time for me to have a few days of mindless eating and bloating before the weigh in.  Up 3.4 lbs this week.  :(  I guess this means I will have to give my purse back.  No, not really... it just means I don't get another purse when I lose the 3.4.  And I will lose it.  Oh yes, you can rest assured that I will lose that annoying number of gained pounds!

If I look at it in a positive light this has helped me get back to a few basics that I shirked along the way:
  • Tracking everything that goes into my mouth (this is a big challenge for me)
  • Exercise ( I started walking again since it's not jungle hot here anymore in Virginia)
  • Positive affirmations (got out of this habit for the past two months because I was waaay to busy feeling sorry for myself)
Only 32 days until I fly out to Denver.  I would really rather not wear the airplane seat as a skirt.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Time and Not Much To Say

There she is... my new bag and I just love her.  I feel bad in a Joan Jett kinda way now that I am sporting this lovely.  Well, okay....maybe the bag could use some spikes to really make it bad ass but spikes aren't really me.

I am down 1.2 lbs this week which really shocked the stuffing out of me.  I just *knew* that I had gained walking into WW.  My reason for this knowing is that I did not track or count points all week.  I was mindful about stopping when I was full and about eating good food (except the Chinese I had on Sunday) but I didn't go to the gym and ate what I pleased.  I had already decided to give myself some down time since I knew last week and this week were gonna be a little unsettling.  More on that later.

I am back on track for this week with tracking but feel as if aunt flo will make an appearance and that always messes with my head and the scale.  Fingers crossed!

Have a great weekend folks!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hello my lovelies.

I have not had internetz at my house since Monday, hence the longer than normal time lapse between posts.  Well, not surprisingly I am only down .6 (point six) this week but I really wasn't expecting much more after a 4lb loss last week.

I did purchase a new handbag (squeeeee!) and I lurve it.  I can't find a pic of it so I'll have to take one to show you guys.  It's a slightly metallic dark gray Nine West bag from Ross.  From what I understand...gray is very in this season.  I have seen a lot of gray/white/yellow combinations out there.  Me likey!

I wish I had more interesting things to report but I have just been kinda "checking in" to my days lately.  I am purging and packing for my move in November.  Stressful. This is my last full month membership to the far far away gym that I belong to.  To be honest I really haven't been much in the past few months so I don't think that I will miss it.  I have decided to give up on the yoga DVDs.  Most of the ones available on Netflix are not really conducive to actually trying to learn the poses.  I have done classes before and will have to go back to learning in a classroom setting. 

I belong to a German Sister City program in lovely Fredericksburg,VA.  It's one that just started in May and at the end of September we have about 30 German folks staying in our fair hamlet.  They will be here a week and I have no idea how I will have any time left for myself once work, packing, socializing and transporting this folks gets underway.  After they leave I have a wedding and then I am off to Colorado for a week at the end of October and then I move.  Phew!  I am exhausted just thinking about it. 

I am going to try to stay focused and inspired so that the weight continues to wave bye bye.  I have a goal.... to fit more comfortably in the airplane seat this time around.  I am even flying the same airline and type of aircraft as I did this time last year.  I hope there is a noted difference.  Colorado is my light in the murk right now.  I can't wait to breathe that amazing mountain air, hike those trails and lust after those handsome rugged outdoors men.

I really wanted to thank you all for your amazing suggestions for combating emotional eating.  It's good to know I am not alone.

Till next time!

P.s. I have some reviews coming up on several natural products and a book.  Stay tuned.