Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Yes folks it's the beginning of fall.... my favorite time of year. I am sure that the American southeast is due for some more hot and humid Indian summer days but for right now I can definitely smell Autumn in the air. :) This weather gets me thinking about sweaters, Halloween, wood fires, hiking and camping and of course.... comfort foods. Baked goods, hot apple cider, food festivals celebrating the harvest, an entire holiday based around eating till your sides pop!

Then I think to myself, how will I not only get back on track but stay on track during the holidays. But then I remind myself that there is always some holiday or celebration or reason all year round to lose focus and strap on the ole feed bag. I know that some people really love summer, the clothes, the beaches the lovin'.... but I have always favored colder climates. Maybe it's because I feel so unattractive in the summer when I am sweating all over everything, when my make up and hair are ruined before I even get to my office. And let's not forget how extremely flattering summer style clothes are to the fuller figure. Can you feel the sarcasm? ;) So to sum up I am super excited and a little trepidacious about the upcoming months.

Business has been wonderfully busy the past 3 weeks and I hope that it will continue... in fact it probably will since the fall is usually when clients start to book regularly again. I have been using what little down time I have to try and organize my home life as well as getting my business on track. I HAVE to be in a good position when things really start picking up. I did manage to make it to the grocery store and buy healthy foods (yay!) but I haven't as yet been to the gym. I have been walking more but not enough for me to consider it a work out. I do get inspired to be more active in the fall and winter so I have that to look forward to.

The posts may continue to be sporadic as I try to adjust to a new schedule and the worlds longest to-do list. But I'm still here, still reading your blogs and still figuring out what is best for me.

Be good to yourselves!


Betsy said...

I also love fall! I love the colors of the changing leaves and that cold, crisp smell in the air.

I usually end up going downhill around this time. Mine and many friends' birthdays in September, all the Halloween candy in the month of October, then of course all the goodies for Thanksgiving and Christmas...

This year I'm determinded to stay on track though! You can do! Happy Autumn!

Megan Garcia said...

I love the fall as well. Although I love Summer. Winter is my least favorite.

If you ever need help with anything just holler.

Anonymous said...

I am sure hearing this over and over again really hurts. You know your potential but cannot see the way. People would tell me the "male version" of this alot.

What kind of breakfast do you have? Do you have breakfast? May I suggest the breakfast I have every morning.

Just try Step #1 of my 3 Greatest Secrets to a body you will be Proud of. It is a delicious sweet breakfast, almost like desert. All you buy is natural wholefoods from the supermarket. Email me if you want more clarification.

I was obese all thru high school and college. If I could go back in time and tell myself to do one thing different, this would be it.

Rachel said...

Oooo! Me too - I'm so excited about the fall. Here in TN we've had a week or two of lovely days in the 70s. Even though we're back up to 85 today, it was so refreshing to get a glimpse of my favorite season to come.

I'm glad your business is doing well and you're keeping all your goals in mind :)

Roberta said...

Well I sure can feel what you are saying.. I do the same. I use to love summer but with this season comes little clothes, I much rather be layered with clothes.
Aside from that I love the fall!
I know it is hard to find your path right now, I am searching myself. Lets just hang in there and I know we and others will find the road we need to be on. A book that I recently got is very good, maybe check it out. "Excuses be Gone" by Dr. Wayner Dyer.