Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Speed Bump

Weigh in: down (point six) .6lbs---  Not exactly what I was hoping for but I will most definitely take it.  This may be the busiest social summer I have had in years and it's so befitting that I joined Weight Watchers (oops, cat's out of the bag!  ;)) right before hand, right?  Cookouts, holidays, weddings, pool parties, concerts, major birthdays.... what's a girl to do?!  It's actually driving me crazy not being able to measure every single thing going into my mouth.  I am not good at guessing, guessing is what got me into the situation I'm in.  I have learned that I need to allow myself a learning curve and WW is teaching me how to estimate portion sizes when it's not possible for me to measure.

I have to say that I am absolutely loving the new program!  This is not the Weight Watchers I did when I was 11 and could only eat  plain tuna and cottage cheese with pineapple chunks.  After hearing so many wonderful things about the program and seeing the success that people are having I decided enough was enough and haven't looked back since.  :)

Well despite everyone's advice nudging me towards A-Team (which I will be seeing, oh don't you worry) I decided to see SAC 2 with my sister and we made a girls day out of it.  Even though the movie was blah we had a wonderful time: sushi, a cosmo and fashion for days.  Yes the movie was too long and yes the annoying gaggle of drunken women behind us made me want to claw my eyes out every time they made a poopie comment about one of the actresses, the clothes or the men.... I still enjoyed it most of it (the most of it that dealt with fashion and Aiden and Big and Smith and ..... well you get the picture.)

I have a wedding to go to this weekend and it's making me very nervous because I really want to record a larger loss next week.  So keep your fingers crossed that this girlie stays with in her points and is still able to have a fab time.  15 lbs is so close I can taste it.  Mamma needs new exercise shoes!



Ten Pounds said...

Six pounds is excellent! You shouldn't feel at all bad about that. But yeah, social occasions are hard to plan for and always seem to make us fatter, no matter how much care is taken. How are you liking Possession, by the way? It's one of my favourite books ever.


Olivia said...

Jude, you are awesome! Unfortunately it was .6 not 6 pounds. :)

I will word my post differently so that it's not so confusing. I actually stopped reading Possession because it was a little to heavy for me right now. But I will most definitely go back to it after I read some fluff. :D

Ten Pounds said...

Oops - my mistake! You wrote it perfectly clearly. My scales don't provide any decimal points after the pounds. I must get some like yours, cos .6 pounds isn't quite as excellent as 6 pounds, but lots of those are still going to add up to a good achievement.