Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I would like to stray from my usual narcissistic posts about my weight issues and my whining and crying about my lack of self control and discipline and focus instead on taking a moment to reflect on the tragic circumstances in Japan.

I won't pretend to shed any new light on the situation.  I won't act as if my thoughts on this horrific turn of events are any more deep and profound than anyone else's.  However I will say this, my heart is breaking for this amazingly beautiful country and it's amazingly beautiful people.  My frustration over not being able to do more to help is palpable. 

So I do what I can; donate to the appropriate non-profits, send Japan love and light...and pray.


TikiGirl said...

They are amazing, aren't they? Had that happened here, people would be looting and shooting. It really saddens me that our own country cannot behave in this manner.

I cannot imagine what those people are facing. The grace with which they have handled it all is inspiring...

paulawannacracker said...

I agree with TikiGirl. My thoughts are with Japan every day.