Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Days 3,4 and 5 Of 21 Day Food Challenge

Breakfast: slice of bacon, cheddar aspargus quiche, sliced strawberries, water

Snack: grande iced coffee with a shot of vanilla and cream

Lunch: tuna salad on organic whole wheat bread, avacado with black beans and olives salad, terra veggie chips, water

Snack: Dunkin Donuts small iced coffee with cream and sugar

Dinner: :( Pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, mac & cheese, biscuit with butter and jam, water.....DAMN YOU CRACKER BARREL!

Breakfast: bowl of Kashi cereal with 2% milk, water

Snack: banana, colby jack cheese cubes, water

Lunch: cheddar, asparagus, bacon quiche, olives, terra veggie chips, water

Snack: Amish canned pears and peaches

Dinner: Chipotle chix burrito bowl, fuse slenderize, snickers bar (hey, I started my monthly...what can I say)

Breakfast: whole wheat tortilla, natural chunky peanut butter, banana, water

Lunch: cheddar, bacon, asparagus quiche, canned peaches, water

Snack: olives stuffed with garlic

Dinner: quinoa spaghetti, newman's roasted red pepper and garlic tomato sauce, amish country sausage, fresh grated parm cheese, glass of chianti

Dessert: 3 pieces of dark chocolate with almonds and raisins

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Anonymous said...

I have to say reading your menu made all the healthy stuff sound delicious!!