Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Am a Lying Liar Who Lies

I am not going to "swear" to put up posts in a certain time frame anymore because it makes me a stinky liar girl. :) I feel rather scattered and unorganized lately because I have a lot going on. Lots of business stuff, money stuff and life stuff. Nothing bad just a lot. I have not been actively trying to lose weight or have a "plan" which I am so good at making but not sticking to. I am eating good foods, taking vitamins and going for walks and once I feel steady on my feet again I feel that I can better concentrate on a course of action.

We move into the new office space August first so until then and a few weeks after that time blogging may be a little iffy. I am still reading all of yours even if I don't comment please know that I am cheering you on from here.


girlysmack said...

Well, since you are a liar, are you really reading my blog? Are you really busy? Are you even who you say you are?

Wow. My head hurts.

EbonyRenee said...

Good luck to you!

Michelle said...

Hey it's life,it happens! I'm new here but hope to ready your posts soon :)

Chavonne said...

Please blog! I just found your blog and really like it (not to mention all of the lovely pictures of cheese...mmm, cheese). :).