Thursday, October 8, 2009

The 411

Whew! Okay, let me get my thoughts together in some organized fashion so that this post isn't a complete disaster. It's been an interesting couple of weeks and months. :)

The fluctuation of the economy has taken it's toll on many and I am very fortunate and very lucky to still be treading water. It has not been easy. Even though I have been busy promoting and marketing, the actual appointments have been somewhat few and far between. Throw in several last minute cancellations and you have a lot of low income months for me. So low in fact (here is the embarrassing honesty) that I am seriously considering applying for food assistance and Medicaid. I currently do not have health insurance and haven't for almost 6 years now. After health care, food seems to be my most expensive necessity. I still have to see if I am eligible but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Other news, I have decided to move out of my amazingly lovely and well situated apartment (which is quite pricey for me now) in January. :( I have been here for three years and have absolutely loved living within walking distance to work and everything else downtown. But one must change with the times. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to rent a room in the beautiful house of the brother of a good friend in the neighboring county. It really only adds about ten minutes to my commute but I wont be able to walk to work anymore. Positives; huge kitchen with all the amenities and then some, central air, a huge front porch equipped with rocking chairs and porch swing, a border collie named Chico, a washer and dryer and plenty of laughs. I hope that this move will allow me to get back on track with my finances.

I leave for Denver on Sunday and I am soooooo excited! I get to spend time with my dear friends Erin and Jonathan, their two adorable children and one schmoopy named Mable. So trying to cram everything into this week and part of next (I fly back Wednesday) has been a little hair raising.

Halloween is fast approaching and every weekend this month was already booked back in September. Not with massage appointments yet but with social functions. One that I am really psyched about it is the Highland Games! Large men in kilts throwing things? YES PLEASE. I know I shouldn't say this on a weight loss blog but I have been waiting a whole year to try another one of their deep fried Mars bars. I am going to try to be very diligent with my diet and exercise so that this particular treat day wont be a huge set back.

My diet has been off the charts these past few months. I know what I need to do and I just hope I can get my butt in gear and do it. I seem to go bonkers at social events especially if dirty martinis are involved. I went to a wedding last month and was seated next to the bar.... not a good thing for my diet. I don't tie one on often but when I do.... look out!

I started back at the gym so my September and October have been much more active. Not to mention this little guy below keeping me busy with several walks a day.

His name is Andy.
I watched him for almost two weeks for a friend's parents and he was the sweetest little schmoopy in the whole wide world. He went home tonight and I miss him already. But, not to worry he will be back for 3 weeks in December. :)

This may be the only post I will have a chance to write before I leave but I promise to be back soon with pics of beautiful Colorado.

Take Care!


Retainer Girl said...

I hope you are eligible for the programs that you want. This is why all of us pay taxes, so people like you who are working their butts off can get the help that they need. I'm proud of you for taking that step to at least consider seeking out that option. I know it can't have been easy.

You inspire me constantly with your ability to remain cheerful, hopeful, positive and optimistic despite your challenges.

You deserve all good things, and I hope the coming year delivers them to you.

Roberta said...

You are very brave to share wth us how you are doing. I know how hard this can be, I lost my job one year ago next week. I was devastated ..but it turned out to be a great journey. Have a great time the pooch! Take Care