Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Best Intentions

Hi ya'll *cheeks pink with embarrassment*! Long time huh? Well this is just a post to say that a post is coming sometime this week. I have a lot going on, who doesn't right? One of the things I have going on is that I fly off to Colorado on Sunday. :D But until then I am working, dog sitting, exercising more and putting changes into place for my future.... of which I will tell you about later.

So look for a post later this week... provided I don't get distracted and forget until I am mid-air en route to Denver. :)


kass09 said...

Great Blog! Hey Olivia, I just stumbled on your blog today and wanted to tell you how awesome it is! I just recently started my own blog about my recent weight loss journey of loosing 149lbs in a little less than 10 months. It is so neat to see that there are other blogs our there for the same reasons. I made mine hoping to share my journey and also inspire others because it can be done! Keep up the great work and I look forward to following your journey!

MC said...

tapping foot, tapping foot,
waiting, waiting, waiting LOL

Oh well, I'll check again tomorrow!