Monday, May 26, 2008

Wait, What Day Is It?

Where did the week go?! I could have sworn that only two days ago I started this weight loss blog. Well it was a holiday weekend and I was extremely busy with work and family but that is still no excuse for starting something new and leaving it dangling out there in cyberspace. So here I go.... again.

I have been looking at a lot of weight loss blogs over the past few weeks trying to get ideas for what I would like to cover on this blog and what kind of system I will use. Then I started to over plan and over think and freak myself out. So I have decided to have a general guideline to follow with plenty of room for change and flexibility as needed.

I do have a few rules for myself that will hopefully help me stay sane and focused:
  1. Remember Olivia, this is a journey to health not a scary obsession with being thin.
  2. Approach this weight loss with a positive attitude, negativity has gotten you where you are which is why you need this blog.
  3. Hold myself accountable. I make the decisions as to what I eat, drink and how I move or don't move.
  4. Weigh myself only once a week.
  5. Do some sort of physical activity everyday. Extensive workouts at least 3 times a week.
  6. Take my measurements once a month.
  7. Come up with a non-food based reward system for achieved weight loss goals.
  8. Eat and prepare real food. No processed fake foods or sugar substitutes.
  9. Focus on well rounded total health such as; vitamins, meditation, body treatments and plenty of restful sleep.
  10. Most importantly: Have Fun! Enjoy this journey because this is your life NOW.

Since I do not own a scale and have no intentions of buying one I will be weighing myself at the gym which is yet another reason to get my butt there on the regular. I already have a tape measurer around here somewhere and as soon as I find it I will post my measurements.

See ya tomorrow!

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