Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby Steps

Guten Tag!
I hope all of you out in blog land are kicking butt and taking names! :) I thought it would be a good time to update since it is the start of another week in Lyn's Habit A Week Challenge. This week it's eat a veggie or for those of us who already eat veggies it's about fitting at least one more per meal in there. I am actually really excited about this week's challenge. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love winter squashes, the holidays, the colors and the crisp touch to the air. In fact I find that I become more active in the colder months since it is usually hotter than seven hells here in ole Virginny during the summer months. I wont lie that I also enjoy lots of juicy and warming red wines this time of year. I have recently fallen in love with an Australian Shiraz that I have been trying to portion out discriminately but some nights are not as disciplined as others.

I have started my training for the Turkey Trot but I know I definitely need to up the intensity or I will be hurting on Thanksgiving Day! I am still doing my classes at the gym but am trying to train before that. Like today I went to a beautiful local park to walk what I hoped would be two miles but since the gnats were down right lynching me I had to stop at one. :( It's cool, treadmill here I come!

I am really excited about this weekend. It's the Richmond Highland Games and Celtic Festival! I am a very, very lucky girl for getting to see men in kilts on 3 different weekends in the last two months. *sigh* Plus I am getting a gorgeous desk for my massage office on Sunday. I can't wait to have my office reflect my business ethics and beliefs. I feel I will come across more professional if I have an actual place for clients to sit and fill out paperwork. :)

I feel as if I am in the most positive mind frame I have been in since starting this blog. I have been doing a lot of hard work in the mental department. Trying to get things to click and change up there so that those same changes will be reflected in my healthy and fit body. Next week will be my weigh in week. Since going to once a month I have been focusing more on having fun and doing fun activities to lose weight instead of the actual numbers. I have to be honest that I am starting to see small changes in my body here and there but my biggest change has been my attitude. Tomorrow my BFF and I are doing a boot camp style workout with our trainer friend. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous but I am also really excited because I want to see just what I am made of. :D

Until next time..... Be Happy!


Dark Fury said...

Yippee for kilts and happy thoughts and positive changes and . . . did I mention kilts? Oh, right. ;)

Elsha said...

ooooh yeah! Men in kilts! Are you taking a camera?

Olivia said...

Most certainly!

diana.daniel said...

Hey girl... want to hit the track on Friday? I have to take a placement test for school in the AM, and i have a much-needed haircut/color appointment at 3 (maybe 330?)

Perhaps we could run/walk Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday!

Yee haw

David C. Garcia said...

You're amazing, Olivia.