Monday, October 6, 2008

Much Needed Time To Think

Hello All! First I would like to say a very heart felt THANK YOU to everyone for their incredible support. Your faith and kind words keep me from being too hard on myself. So again, thank you.

I also want to put out there that I never gave up. :) Even though I felt really frustrated, disgusted and angry, I never gave up. I had some much needed time to think and re-evaluate how I was approaching my weight loss. So here are some changes I and others have come up with:
  1. I will only weigh myself once a month. My dear friend April, who is an amazing personal trainer, suggested this and I think I will follow it.
  2. I am researching someone to talk to about my issues, a professional. My dearest and bestest friend Elisa suggested that maybe I should try to fix my food blocks upstairs before I start blaming my body.
  3. For the time being I will suspend recording what I eat on here. It stresses me more than anything else because I fear the judgement.
  4. I have decided to participate in Lyn's Healthy Habit a Week Challenge.
  5. I will focus more, for the time being, on my workouts than being on a "diet."

The first week of Lyn's Challenge is to drink more water. That is something I can definitely do. :) So there you have it. One baby step at a time.


Anonymous said...

Reevaluation is good. Falling off the wagon isn't so bad if you are able to figure out a better way to keep yourself going. My rut lasted a couple months, but I think I am finally back in a groove now. For me weight loss is way more about what's going on in my head than what's on my plate. Good luck!

Dark Fury said...

Well, done!

leila said...

I have been thinking about you a lot this week and how brave you are to put everything out there for the whole world to see.

Let's go for a run/walk this weekend. We have to get ready for the Turkey Trot!


Retainer Girl said...

I think these are great steps because they are all continuing to help you in your weight-loss journey. Good for you for being brave enough to continue trying new things and for not being afraid to do so.

And also, as your champion, don't fear any judgment here. I think we all know what happened the last time sometime tried that here... :D

Olivia said...

Smushpants- you are totally right about weight loss being more so a battle in the head.

Dark Fury- Thanks!

Leila- I would love to!

Patherine/ Champion- girl you crack me up! :)

Elsha said...

hey they are good steps to take! Well done on choosing them!