Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ain't No Sunshine TILL She's Gone

Is it terrible of me that I am so super duper happy that Tracy was voted off last night?
I didn't think so. :)


kass09 said...

Thanks for the sweet comment Olivia! I don't think I have ever seen your blog before but I love it! Its so neat to find other blogs about weight loss as well! I totally agree with this post by the way lol. Even though I have not had the time this week to watch my DVRed Biggest Loser I have heard she went home and I am SO glad! Anyways looking forward to reading you blog more! Have a good night and Friday!
Kassandra :o)

Paula Rodriguez said...

I am so so so glad she is gone. She really irked me.

I fell asleep and missed the ending to biggest loser and now that I've read [here] that she was voted off... yay!!!!

sam said...

I have been waiting for her to GO since the beginning!!!

Thinspired said...

Hi Olivia! Thanks for commenting on my blog.
I just have to say that I am also SO happy that Tracy is gone! I nearly cried tears of joy ;)