Friday, November 13, 2009

I Actually Made It To The Gym Today

I know! Shocking right? ;) I just felt so awful not making it to the gym yesterday that I was bound and determined to get there today. I almost missed tonight's Strive class due to some complications at work but I took a breath, said a payer and was on my way. It felt so good to test my muscle strength today. I mean I use my muscles everyday and sometimes more than others depending on how many deep tissue massage I have booked. But this exercise in strength was just for me... and no one else. :)

My post workout bliss was almost ruined by a voicemail I got from a co-worker basically telling me that a mistake that she made today is going to make my work day tomorrow a big ol' steaming pile of poo. I am trying not to be mad but this particular co-worker seems to constantly mess things up for everyone but herself. So in my euphoric endorphined post workout state I stood up for myself, tried to figure out a solution and am trying (very hard I might add) to intend an easier time of it tomorrow. I figure I can either condemn the day to ruin before it has started or try and be positive and hope for the best. Mostly I just hope if it does get sticky that I can hold my temper in check and not stress. So on that note I have sent out a Facebook notice to my friends indicating that a evening out is definitely in order for tomorrow... maybe even a little dancing? :)

Any fun plans this weekend?