Monday, November 2, 2009

Product Review Time!

So my hair hasn't been quite so hot lately. Mainly due to the fact that I really need a cut and highlight in ze vorst vay. That hurdle will be jumped tomorrow evening when I have my hair appointment with the world's most awesome hairstylist, my step-sister Kristen. They have her listed as an apprentice but that is incorrect. She is a master stylist and color educator and just plain amazing!
Back to the subject. I needed something to get me by in the meantime and boy oh boy have I found it:
Sexyhair's Chocolate Soy Milk Shampoo and

Sexyhair's Soymilk Conditioner.
Love, love, love this stuff! Not only does it smell absolutely Divine but it keeps my hair shiny, bouncy and clean....longer. It is sulfate free and color safe which I love. I have fine hair that seems to get really oily as the day progresses and by the next morning I look like a grunge singer from the mid 90's. Not attractive. However with this stuff I can go almost a full day and a half before the oiliness begins to show. I have never had that from a shampoo before. :)
They carry this line at some salons and most Ultas. Go! Run! Now!