Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anthony Bourdain

Yes, this handsome dude. He and I have a date September 23rd (along with a few hundred other folks) at my local University. I cannot wait! Our love will finally be made public and the naysayers will no longer deny our heavenly union. Sigh. *dramatically whispers* "I love you."


Thunder Thigh Bride said...

Lucky! I'm sooo jealous!
Let the countdown to Bourdain begin!
Love your blog btw!

Wink said...

god, i love him. maybe we could move to utah and be sister-wives.

Olivia said...

TTB- I should totally do a count down. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Wink- I think you are on to something. ;)

Alyssa Beckham said...

Hey! My name's Alyssa and I'm a brand new blogger. I like your blog a lot and I'm becoming a follower :)