Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sucked It Up

I had my boo hoo, sucked it up and got my jiggly wiggly butt to the gym. And I am going again tonight. Yeehaw!! :)

"Self-approval and self-acceptance in the now are the main keys to positive changes in every area of our lives." ~ Louise Hay


girlysmack said...

That is so wonderful! You go, girl! (Do you remember "Get in Shape, Girl!" from when we were kids? Hahaha)

I hope my last comment wasn't preachy or off-putting in any way. You know I love you and only want you to be happy and love yourself...

Olivia said...

Ms. Girlysmack, I loved your last comment (which by the way was extremely accurate) and once I get insurance believe you me I will be talking to someone. I know you love me but maybe not as much as I love you! =)
Miss you tons! (get it? tons? oh never mind... :D)

Stephanie said...

Yay! Hope you had a good workout.
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A WLS Chronicle said...


I have moved! Will you be so kind as to update my link in your blogroll? Thanks so much.

I apologize, Olivia, for this method of communication but wasn't sure how else to get you. :)

New link:


Olivia said...

No problem! :D