Friday, October 1, 2010


I weigh in on Tuesdays, which has it's plus and minuses.  If I have a social weekend it usually shows up on the scale.  Well, last weekend I had a VERY social weekend and it showed.  Up 3.4 lbs.... again.  What is up with 3.4?  That's the second time I have gained exactly that much weight in the past three weigh ins.  Needless to say I am embarrassed and a little ashamed after coming off such a great loss the week before.  I'm feeling pretty down on myself about it but I haven't been able to dwell too much since work is so busy right now.  However, I do have another very social weekend coming up.  A bachelorette / bachelor party up in D.C.  We are talking the works:  limo, cocktails, strip club and I am sure plenty of opportunities to eat. 

I'm nervous. I can't help it.  I just keep thinking that if I can just get through to November 1st then I can really focus before the holidays.  Here is a rundown of all the things I have to do (on top of working two jobs) that are potential land mines:
  • Our German visitors are here until the 7th and there are at least three food related functions that I will be attending with them
  • I have a wedding to go to on the 15th
  • I will be in Colorado for a week at the end of October
  • Halloween
  • Then the beginning of  November I move.

Whew!  I really needed to get that out. 

M'kay, I'm off to take some deep breaths and a Valium.

P.S  I love you guys.  Thanks for listening/reading.  :)


Anonymous said...

Try not to stress. Concentrate on what you HAVE done well this week rather than what you haven't. Did you work out? A plus! Did you eat something healthy? A plus! Every little baby step counts, regardless of what the scale says!

And don't ever be embarrassed, especially around the rest of us Foodies. We know, we've been there and we are here to say we understand!


FYT614 said...

If you want to get through these days, then you can plan for it. You can decide what you will/won't eat before you get there. Make the best choices available to you and don't get out of hand. There are always going to be weddings and moves and life...the key for us as we try to loss weight is to begin to think about how we function in the world without over doing it.

I agree that there is no point in dwelling or anguishing over the past. I will say that figuring out how to deal is important though.

It's all about making the best choices. You are worth more than whatever food or beverage is waiting to derail your success. You've come to far to let that undo you.

MommaSkinnyJeans said...

The ups and downs are definetly hard. I just recently gained about 4lbs and can't seem to lose it.I try to just focus on what I have accomplished and will accomplish and I feel better. Also once you reach your goal weight you are def going to be in those social situations so don't be so hard on yourself! life is too short for 'constant' dieting. Just learn to work around the things you don't want to give up. Give up something easier or work harder instead.

anna said...

I'm reading lots of blogs today and many people seem in a rut right now, including myself. They suck but I also know that I tend to get out of them...sometimes just not fast enough!

hang in there.