Thursday, December 9, 2010


Happiness is different from pleasure. Happiness has something to do with struggling and enduring and accomplishing.   - George A. Sheehan
Hey there.  How's everyone doing?  For those of you on Weight Watchers, how is the new Pointplus system treating you?
Me, I'm struggling a bit but not because of the new system.  No, my struggling has been going on long before the launch on November 29th.  I was up .8 (point eight) on Tuesday while everybody and their mother (at my meeting) was down in weight and super excited about the new program.  I felt awful.  So I went home, did a lot of thinking and crying, some internet research and watched a little Firefly (Nathan Fillion is the perfect medication for the blues.)  I have pretty much decided to join a gym.  The YMCA to be precise but I am gonna be frugal and wait to see if they offer a new year deal.  So during the waiting period before then and to get me through the holidays I am going to pick up my walking, maybe take a jazzercise class or two and TRACK MY DAILY POINTS INTAKE LIKE A DANG CHAMPION!
So far I am kicking tushy on the tracking part.  I am being really diligent since I have FOUR (!) social engagements this week that are centered around food and wine.  Wine was my downfall last week what with three Christmas parties. I don't want it to continue to throw me off course.  So I shall eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies to stave of hunger on the days I know I wont be able to control whats available for food.

Wish me luck because I am wishing it for you too.  :))  My smiley face has a double chin....for now.  ;))


FatAngryBlog said...

Firefly = happy and Nathan is quite fun in Castle and Dr. Horrible's sing-a-long blog too!

Jen said...

Good luck at your parties this week! Just remind yourself beforehand that you want to make healthy choices, and you should be fine. :-)

Have you ever considered the Couch to 5K Running Program? A lot of people have used it to lose weight/get healthy, and it's free. I'm going to be starting it soon.

P.S. I subbed to your blog.

Jess said...

Good luck! You CAN do it!

Shrinking Mommy said...

you will do great! Tracking is a struggle for me too but when I do it it weems like I lose that week. I am skeptical about the pointsplus program but trying it anyway, I am down this week but i was sick for a day. we will see next week.

SEF said...

Stick with it! You can and will get there!

Patti said...

Hi Olivia... I stumbled upon your blog. I'm in the process of creating a new - free interactive weight loss site for users. I'd love to invite you to come share your opinions and encouragement with others. Check it out and let me know what you think. :)


I have to do quite a bit of work on it still. :)

jiveycreations said...

You make me wanna just jump up and exercise girlfriend."Thanks"
Love Luyah