Friday, December 17, 2010

Tracking Does Work

Hello everyone!  Cutting right to the chase, Tuesday's weigh in was lovely: down 1.8 lbs!  That's with four social engagements involving food and booze.  Needless to say I am tracking this week as well.  I have noticed that I have been craving hearty comfort foods lately so Aunt Flo can't be far behind.  I am trying to keep my momentum through the holidays and then hit the turbo boosters once the new year comes around. 

I have to work most of the weekend except Sunday when I will be magically whisked away to a land of ice, princesses and make believe.  Yes, yours truly will be attending Disney's Princesses on Ice with my four year old niecykins.  I know that the jealousy abounds. 

Anyone else out there yet to do their Christmas shopping or am I all alone?  I may try on Tuesday.....pray for me.


Andrea said...

Congratulations your dedication is paying off!! Enjoy your Sunday!

Alison Jenkins @ said...

You've just reminded me of my Weight Watcher days when I used to track my points. The only problem was I never used to track my binges some how they never seemed to count!

Thankfully now I am in recovery I can stick to my food plan every day regardless of what is happening around me and regardless of my emotions. That is a true miracle.