Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Friday's Food

Boy, I have really been on top of things lately, huh? :) Okay, here goes....

A new Kashi cereal I have been wanting to try....it's like a healthier version of Cap N Crunch, only it gets soggy pretty quickly.

Mmmmm.....coffee, the sweet nectar of life.

Cereal money shot. ;)

A royal bee jelly vitamin I have been taking lately.


I have to say that without any additional fruit the cereal didn't fuel me for long and since work wasn't that busy I don't feel I should have gotten as hungry as I did so quickly. But, what are ya gonna do. Except maybe have lunch!

Fredericksburg has a lovely lunch spot called the Fredericksburg Old Town Grill & Cafe where I got this yummo sandwich.

It's called the Autumn Turkey: turkey, gouda cheese, lettuce, tomato, cranberry sauce and ranch dressing.

Sweet Potato Fries.....it was a very Thanksgiving type of meal.

My little niece came into town to stay with Grammy and Pop Pop on Thursday night and the only chance I would have to see her was Friday night. So off we all went to Pancho Villa's Mexican Restaurant.

I had a few chips and salsa, a fruit punch Jarrito and the taco special.

Grilled Tilapia Tacos

They couldn't even compare to my beloved Soup and Taco fish tacos. Oh well.
We ended up sharing a fried ice cream amongst the four of us. So since I ate out twice it wasn't the healthiest food choice day.

I didn't record my eating for Saturday, Sunday and only managed to get one meal on Monday which I will post next.

Ta Ta!


TJ said...

did that cereal taste like Captain Crunch? I loved that cereal as a kid- but never ate it with milk. lol I saw it recently at a frozen yogurt place as a topping and drooled a little! lol


Retainer Girl said...

Do you like the cereal though? I'd love a healthier version of Cap'n Crunch!

Quixsa said...

Yummy! Your pictures made my stomach growl.lol.

Olivia said...

TJ and RG, it has a slight essence of Cap'n Crunch but if you are looking for a healthy cereal that tastes exactly like it I don't think you will find it. :)