Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday's Food

I wish I could just update my blog by vocal command. It would be so much easier than sitting at this computer for EVER! :D

Breakfast was a carby affair beginning with organic low fat raspberry yogurt with granola.

Tangy and delicious.

Whole grain toast with Smart Balance.

Lunch called for some roughage. Tossed salad with olives, tuna and creamy french dressing.

My fave.....low fat Triscuits!

Dinner was something new....besides the salad.

Smaller salad with olives and creamy french.

Steak and cheese taquitos. Have to say, not a huge fan.

But this tasty treat made it all better. A delicious homemade cherry Italian soda. Slurp!

Since the latest True Blood DVD came in from Netflix I had a lovely wind down watching an episode or two.

While doing so I enjoyed this Flake bar that my friend Jennifer brought back from England just for little ole me!

A deliciously closer look.

And to end the night a cup of Sleepy time Yogi tea. Sigh.

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Quixsa said...

mmmm you pictures look wonderful! Simply delicious! True Blood is an addictive show.