Monday, June 1, 2009

A Week or Two of Food Pics

Or should I say just a taste of a few meals I managed to capture on film.


TJ said...

I guess you like your cereal huh? lol Im not a cereal person, but I like all of the berries and fruit you added!


Quixsa said...

It seems like you included a lot of fresh fruits :0) Good job!

Blythe's Mom said...

I always want to try the frozen meals but they are a lot more then most.
Which would you say is the best?

Olivia said...

Hi Blythe's Mom!

I really like Amy's, they are very flavorful, very filling and sometimes you can get them on sale. That's usually when I stock up. I like them because they use good quality food without nasty preservatives.

I have tried Kashi but wasn't impressed with the flavor department. Amy's pesto cheese tortellini is so yum! Just add fresh grape tomatoes and your in business! :D