Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yesterday's Bounty

Since I had such a lovely day at the berry farm on Monday and picked up many wonderful foods there and en route I wanted to eat them as soon as possible. Can't help it....I am instant gratification girl. :)

Breakfast was Kashi H2H cereal and fresh strawberries and blueberries.

So vibrant and colorful.

Lunch was nothing extraordinary.

Turkey and cheese on whole grain with two olive eyeballs staring right AT YOU!

The most exciting part of lunch was my Blood Orange Italian Soda.

Off to work......
Afternoon snack.

Strawberries, blueberries, low fat organic vanilla yogurt and granola. Slurp.

After work things began to get a little hairy. Since I was trying to be all active and exercisey I decided to walk to work but after my last client left the hell of all hell storms blew in to town. Having walked to work in flip flops and no umbrella I had to wait out the worst of it. Once the rain slowed from a "DEAR GOD! IT'S HAILING!" to a drizzle I began the scary trek home. It was still lightening for goodness sake. :/
Needless to say I needed a little wind down before I started to prepare dinner.

Ladies and Gentlemen.......Vodka Tonic with Lime!

Gulp.... slurp.... snarffle.....

Dinner was chock full of local foods. :)


Spiced steamed shrimp.

Sweet potato with butter, cinnamon and a little sugar.

Good ole corn on the cob with butter and salt. So amazingly satisfying.
One a local foods note and on a different day (today) I went to my local baker and picked up an amazing loaf of country 7 grain. Toasted it, slathered it with butter and honey and had myself a lovely snack.


The artistic view. ;)
Pssst..... don't say anything just yet but I saw a sign in the window in one of my favorite buildings downtown that said.....are you ready?!...... Olde Town Butcher coming soon!!!!!! {{{geeking out noises}}}}}


Jenn said...

Uh...YUM! Your whole day of food looks soooo good.
I'm feeling a strawberry picking expedition coming on...

Quixsa said...

You were not kidding about a bounty! Everything looked healthy yet delicious. You are an inspiration- I think I'll try steaming up some shrimp sometime soon.

Yikes on the lighting and hail! But good for you for wanting to input exercise whereever possible.

I have a question- it seems like you try to eat healthy without counting calories. Is that on purpose?

Olivia said...


I tried counting calories and it drove me stark raving mad! I couldn't enjoy my food or my day for that matter. Some people have great success with it but counting just doesn't work for me. What I am "trying" to work on is making my portions smaller. That is where my major challenge is....I just eat too darned much. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Roxanne said...

Here's some unsolicited advice...too many fast carbs, grains, not enough protein...way too much sugar. You're feeding a never-ending pit this way.

A couple alcoholic drinks per week are ok to wind down on a Friday, other than that, cut out all beverages except for water. No more than 2 fruits per day before 4 pm. Protein + veggies for dinner, and no food after 8pm. That's a start.