Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Westmoreland Berry Farm

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful and extremely hot. So having decided to play hooky for the day I realized that there was only one thing to be done......mini road trip!
Westmoreland Berry Farm is one of my favorite places on earth. It's about 40 minutes East of Fredvegas and one of the most beautiful drives in this area. So having kidnapped my Mom, off we went.

Even the clouds were happy.

So gorgeous!

Not only is it a berry farm but it also has a little store, a petting area and a beautiful porch/pavilion to sit and enjoy the view. The breeze was lovely and so was lunch.

I had a sauerkraut hot dog with mustard, bbq chips and a pink lemonade. Definitely picnic style food.
You can't go to a berry farm and not sample some of their delicious fresh fruit baked goods!

So my mom and I decided to share a piece of Strawberry/Rhubarb pie with frozen custard on top. It was my first time trying that pie and may I just say it was AMAZING!
Here are some more pics of the view.

You can't have a porch with a view without a rocking chair.

The farm has done so well for themselves over the past several years that they were able to get rid of the port a johns and build and actual public restroom. :D

Baby animals!

Picnic tables with a view.

So lovely!

If you get a chance to get to this part of Virginia I highly recommend stopping here for a little refreshment.


EbonyRenee said...

I just went to Great Country Farms in Northern Virginia. It was great. Only a 30 minute drive from my house.

Retainer Girl said...

That sounds so wonderful! I can't believe I still have never been there. I'm glad you had such a lovely day. :)

Fun fact: the robot thing says "nompear." Nom!

Quixsa said...

:0) Sounds wonderful

Wildflower said...

I'm hoping to go next week!