Thursday, September 25, 2008

Busy, Busy Bee

Howdy! As the blog title says I have been one busy little bee. Which is such a positive thing and has been helping me tremendously with keeping on track. I have been working out about 4 times a week and doing A LOT of walking to and from work and other downtown destinations. I am hoping that it will reflect on the scale tonight. :)

My eating has been pretty good. I am still tweaking the portion fundamentals since I have become more active. I feel a little like Goldilocks trying to find the amount that is "just right." Some days 3 meals is sufficient but others, especially really active ones, I need at least one or two filling snacks. I still get certain cravings like mad but am trying my hardest to work through them and if by the end of one or two days I still want something, I'll have it but in a much smaller portion than before. Like today... I have been craving coffee for about 4 days so I got a tall cafe au lait instead of a grande. That coffee tasted soooo good because it was a long awaited for treat not an everyday expectation. I need to make another trip to the grocery store and stock up... it's been a while.

I absolutely love this time of year. The clothes, food, hot apple cider, leaves changing and my most favoritest of holidays..... Halloween! It also signifies the beginning of "eating season" and I am going to try my best to keep active enough that I don't go overboard. There are so many fun activities this time of year; apple harvest festivals, Highland games, fall hiking, the turkey trot and this weekend a super cool activity is going on. Obama and Biden are coming to the University of Mary Washington on Saturday to speak about change and guess who's gonna be there? ME!!! I seriously live within walking distance to the campus and provided I get off work on time I will be there bright and early for the line up. So exciting!!

Signing off until next time. Ciao!


diana.daniel said...

Hey there girl! There was an article in this month's Diabetes Forecast about the weight-loss benefits of the six small meals plan.

You don't give yourself a chance to get hungry, because you seriously, eat every 2.5 to 3 hours. A piece of fruit and cheese, 1/2 a wrap, yogurt, veggies, etc.

Keep it up! You are bad ass!

Elsha said...

see, complete opposite here in Australia. It is coming into Spring and then will be Summer. Easy eating season! Christmas is hot, hot, HOT!!!!

Anyway goodluck! You can do it! Low fat soups, stews and filling foods! I cranked up my crockpot and made meals up to freeze so I'd always have a fall back option if I was cold, hungry and grumpy when I got in from work.