Monday, September 29, 2008

What to do, what to do?

So my dearest, darlingest, bestest friend in the whole wide world, Elisa, bought me J'adore for my maid of honor gift. I love it!! I wear it on nights out, to work and sometimes just sometimes in my pj's. :) I can't get enough! But it does, however, leave me with a bit of a conundrum; what should be my 50lbs lost goal now? In fact I have no idea what to reward myself with after 30lbs lost. So here is where you all come in. Please leave a comment with any and all suggestions for rewards from 30 to 50lbs lost. I don't think I can manage thinking beyond that right now. Of course I have already decided what to do when I reach my weight loss end goal.
So pony up kiddies and keep those suggestions coming!!
See yas!


Dark Fury said...

A weekend trip to Asheville? A $50 Sephora spending spree? New Shoes!

Dark Fury said...

PS I know that your 15lb reward is new shoes HOWEVER! Once you've lost 50 you'll be better able to rock some sassy new FM pumps. I'm just sayin', every girl should have 12 - um, a pair. ;)

diana.daniel said...

Some sassy workout clothes would be practical and a good motivator... but you know I am a fan of shoes!

And massages... um, do you ever get a massage?

Ashwee said...

How about a massage, manicure, pedicure, new hair style/colour, new pots and pans, go belly dancing, to a day spa or buy a nice bottle of wine??

Elsha said...

how about a fantastic designer handbag? (I think you call them purses in the States).

I love Ja'dore - it is gorgeous! Smells so good!