Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Good Day

Today I had a good day. I started off with some EFT Tapping ,had a healthy breakfast which I may have to change around because it only lasted through 1 and a half massages, had an equally healthy lunch and dinner, a full days work and I went back to the gym tonight. I tried the Zumba class for the first time with my step sister. We had a blast and I think we may even make it a regular thing. :) I made it a point to stay positive and focused throughout the day. Being that busy really helped me stay on track with the eating. However I realized today that I definitely need 3 meals and 2 snacks when I have a full work load and errands to run. On less busy days I could probably get away with only 3 meals but today I got really hungry and headachey towards lunch and the end of my day.

The one really positive thing about having a bad day is that you are usually blessed with an equally good one the next day. And I was. :)

Here's to a prosperous, harmonious and healthy week! CHEERS!

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