Friday, April 17, 2009

Birthday Fun Fun!

Wowza! Where has the time gone? I had the best intentions of blogging the Monday following my bday but somehow time has gotten away from me once again. Can Can was amazing! I think we were there a total of 4 hours eating, drinking and being merry. I didn't over do the food but definitely indulged in the drinky poos. My wonderful friends got together a purchased this amazing gift for me:

I know, right!!! Now I can actually start documenting my food via photographs instead of boring old lists and maybe indulge my inner food blog geek by pretending I can actually create and cook delicious recipes. So far my thirty third year of life has been pretty sweet. :)



TJ said...

cool gift! great friends! Im looking forward to seeing more pics from ya! :) tj

H.K. said...

Happy Birthday! You've got pretty nice friends to give you such a cool gift! I love your picture!

Ashwee said...

Happy birthday.. I have that camera.. I am addicted to it!