Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gym, Chix-fil-a and LOST

Whew!! Bodyjam was so much fun tonight. They had all these new dance routines and I had the best time. My ears are still ringing because of the loud music. Good lord, do I feel old saying that. Those darn whippersnappers and their high falutin rock-n roll music!
Anywho, since the class was so intense and so good I quickly became a sweat beast and was in desperate need of a shower. So dinner had to wait until 8:45pm. Never fear, Chix-fil-a was there!

Their amazing chix-n-strips garden salad with croutons, sunflower seeds and fat free honey mustard dressing. Soooo filling.

And of course I had to have some sweet tea with it. :) What's Chix-fil-a without sweat tea? Only instead of ordering theirs I had some that I had made two days ago. I feel I can control the sugar better that way.

Now it's time for my favorite show on earth! I was hoping this episode would be about the survivors that they haven't covered this season like Rose and Bernard but nooooo... it's a dang recap show... AGAIN! Ahh well, I'm still getting my fix. :0)

Good night!


TJ said...

that salad looks yum-o but we dont have that place over here. :( oh well!

I love LOST! I hate re-cap showws :( oh

:) tj

H.K. said...

Mmmmm...that salad looks really good! I'm discovering that salads don't have to be boring to eat.

I didn't bother watching LOST, I knew it was a recap show. They always try to say it's a special, but I know better! I've learned my lesson from past seasons.