Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Opps.... a Little Late On Lunch

Yesterday got a little disorganized after breakfast. I have pics of lunch but none of dinner, which is probably good since the best of food choices weren't made since I didn't eat at home. I vaguely remember potato chips and some sort of danish.... it's a little fuzzy.

It was definitely and iced tea kinda day (this one was slightly sweetened with sugar).

I was also craving something crunchy and these were most satisfying.

This is a tiny dessert plate with 7 crackers on it. :)

A simple garden salad mix with light tuna and sesame sticks. Hmmm... I think it needs something......


The perfect balance of fiber, protein, fat and CRUNCH!


kaseybobasey said...

Lunch looks VERY yummy! Where do you find the organic products you've been using? I'd love to go more organic but I have trouble finding things at my local grocery store! :)

Olivia said...

Hi Kasey! I should have put this on my post... thanks for reminding me. :)

Nature's Promise is a brand of organic products from a chain of grocery stores called GIANT. I don't believe they are everywhere but I am not sure if they are just Virginia based.

I believe most major grocery stores are trying to come up with their own brand or organics. Check it out. :)

Hope this helps.