Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Going Bananas!

Good morning bloggers! Today I got up bright and early (read: dragged my tired butt out of bed) and headed off to the gym. Got in a great workout and I feel 10 times better. :)

Ate this beauty on my way to the gym. Even though I wasn't hungry yet I wanted to kick start my metabolism by eating within the first 30 minutes of waking.

Once I got back home and took a refreshing shower I was ready for a little hardier substance:

Take one of these and toast it to your preference,

smear with 2 tlbs of this ( or the nut butter of your choice),

slice up one of these and place on our opened faced English muffin,

and then drizzle with this! Swoon!!

This with a multivitamin, the rest of the banana and a full glass of water and you are good to go for at least 4 hours (all that fiber!)

Very filling my friends.
Yesterday it was strawberries, today bananas. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. :)
Later taters!

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