Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There's a Wicked Nor' Easta Blowin In

I don't know what happened to spring but it got awful blustery out today. Which started me thinking about colder climates like Massachusetts which led me to think about Boston which in turn led me to think about hot southie boys and WHAM I had to have some wicked awesome chowda!

Campbell's wicked awesome 98% fat free chowda to be precise.

Yeah, my pouring skills are not the best (look at the splatter.)

Of course I had to have some more of those delicious Triscuits and sweet tea.

To round it all up an amazingly lovely orange.

So sweet and juicy. Slurp!
The lunch, although delicious in every way, did not last as long as I had hoped and by 5pm (during the middle of a massage) my stomach began to seriously growl. Embarrassing!
So once I got home I immediately set to getting my snack on.

I had to answer the siren song of those amazing chips and salsa. I managed to not dig into them since that day I had them for lunch.... no small feat mind you. I also added to low fat Babybel cheeses for protein.
I think I am ready for my Bodyjam class now. :)

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