Monday, April 20, 2009

Round 2 and 3

Lunch was super nummy, nummy num nums! (I know, I make myself sick sometimes.)

I had a small handful of these delicious chips,

dipped into this most loveliest of salsas (sooo good and my first time trying this brand),

then came the turkey, swiss, mayo mustard sandwich,

on this very yummy and super tiny bread ( the above sandwich is on a salad plate).

A little something sweet to round out the meal. 1 cup of strawberries with a few tablespoons of fat free organic vanilla yogurt (Stoneyfield). 1 large glass of water.
Very filling and highly enjoyable.
On to the afternoon snack and dinner..

1/3 cup of sesame sticks and 5 strawberries ( I think I may turn into a strawberry after today).

Such salty goodness!

Strawberry season is finally upon us. :)

After returning home from work, in crazy thunderstorms and tornado watches I finally began to relax enough to enjoy some nosh.

A garden salad to start the meal with creamy french dressing.


Two amazing pieces of cheesy, queasy pizza. Definitely a meal that was a little heavier than I intended but I most definitely got in all of my water today, a nice workout at the gym and plenty of rest the night before. I feel good.... real good. ;)
Till tomorrow!


TJ said...

I agree your food today was super nummy nummy num looking. lol :) SCARY that you had tornado watches!! My rule is I will not and can not live where there are tornados! YIKES

Oh! PS what happened to the ends of your pizza? lol


Anonymous said...

Love your food photos!

Alea said...

Love your food pics too! I'm craving all of this now... Sure, I'm going to remember this and copy your meal plan! :)

kaseybobasey said...

Girl, that pizza looks GOOD.
I may try some of those chips and salsa too.
That's my weakness.