Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend In Review

Saturday was the day from hell. I started the day off with a nasty message from one of my bosses on my voicemail. Sweet. Then I get to work and the last therapist hadn't cleaned up the hot stones from the day before and I needed them for my first session. That put me way behind which, I am sad to say, set a nasty tone for my day. I got into a fight with my best friend over something silly during my lunch break. Because I was so upset from that and the fact that my client took their sweet time leaving I wasn't able to eat anything. I had only had 3 sausage cheese balls for breakfast.

So I finished up my work day and headed home to scrounge up a snack before a much needed shower. I was to meet some friends at Chipotle for dinner before seeing Sex and the City and I didn't want to run late but I also wanted to get rid of my low blood sugar headache. Isn't it amazing how a shower can make everything seem better? Needless to say the night drastically improved, the movie was awesome and it was great hanging out with my girls.

Sunday Aunt Flow came for a visit which prevented my sleeping in. Grrr.......
I did however have lunch with my friend David, who I hadn't spent time with in over 2 years. It was really awesome to catch up. He is getting married in the fall to a fantastic girl who keeps him in line. ;) We had Vietnamese food which I love but the restaurant wasn't very good. Oh well.

After that I came back to my apartment to meet up with my BFF so we could discuss what happened on Saturday. It was such a wonderful talk, emotional, but wonderful. I really love that girl to bits! :) After our heart to heart I was really hungry but unfortunately a huge thunderstorm blew in and cut off power for a while which was super annoying. All I really wanted was a Papa Johns sausage cheese pizza and a coke (emotional eater much?) but of course every pizza joint in town had lost their power as well. After an hour of trying to find some place that was open I finally ordered a Hawaiian pizza and Dr. Peppers for me and the roomie. I had decided to pick it up since it would take less time and I was uber hungry. Did you know that I still had to wait a half hour when I went to pick the dang thing up? Sigh.

I finally made it home, ate and began to relax. I cleaned up my room, got organized for Monday and then read a book. Today was much better than the previous days before. I was able to release some of the anger and emotions I had been storing the day before and now I feel pretty good. In all of my reflecting this weekend I came to the realization that I need two days off a week. I was really starting to get burned out and now I have more time for me and more time to focus on my health and my game plan.

I am intending that the next few posts will be happier ones. Who wants to read about a grumpy Gus all the time?

Oh yeah and there is that date I have with a scale tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Better days ahead, girl! I was watching tv the other day and came across a show doing reasearch on the connections of stress and carbs. It was interesting to find that when people stress their cravings for crabs go up. They showed one persons levels being monitored and when they ate the carb their anxiety/stress levels decreased. I guess the trick is to switch what you ( the ubiquitous you not really you) crave from carbs and get addicted to the feelings that apples give. I dunno but I like cheese myself.