Monday, June 23, 2008

Picking Myself Back Up, One Fat Roll At A Time

Last Wednesday until right now I have been throwing myself one hell of a pity party. It began with my very discouraging weigh in on Tuesday night and was kicked up a notch by the worst "female issues" I've had since high school over fourteen years ago. In fact Sir Cramp A Lot has been with me for 5 whole days and nights and has caused me to be a major Grumpy Gus. My emotions have been rivaling Sybil and my "unhealthy" food cravings have become an obsession. However the worst part was that I just said "F*uck It!" and gave up......completely.

Until now. After a nice dose of self disappointment and condemnation something snapped. So I have decided to get over myself and get back to work. I owe a large part of this focus to the amazing weight loss blogs that I read and to the bestest friend a girl could ever have, Elisa. Who, btw, is also embracing her thin side. Yes, that's right folks, we are not fighting the fat, we are embracing our fit and healthy bodies. My fit and healthy body has been asleep like Rip Van Winkle since, well, forever. But Elisa knows what it feels like to be fit and healthy and full of energy because she got there. I find her such an amazing inspiration because when she is healthy and happy there is NOTHING IN THE WORLD that can stop her.

So here I go.....again. After I finish this post I am heading to the grocery store to stock up on all the healthy foods and beverages that my body wants but that I have been to mean to give it. With a stocked fridge it will be harder for me to rationalize quick, high fat and nutritionally empty foods. It may even help me save on the moolah front too. I know that I wont make it to the gym today but I will definitely be there tomorrow for hip hop dance class. I may even join my friend Adrienne for Pitayo before hand and then the dance class. I know, I am too crazy!

Be Good To Yourself. I know I am trying to.


Anonymous said...

Get it girl! You are doing such an amazing job! You should be proud that you are losing weight. Any amount is good. And you are inspiring people, just like yourself, who are reading your blog and giving themselves another chance. New, good, healthy food is always yummy. I know when I come home from shopping I want to try one of each of what I just bought. Who would have ever thought that I had a willpower problem...hee hee. Keep it up girl and I will be right there with you!

Love me :)

EVA said...

i know that feeling. but we have to start over. one thing i love about pasta queen's blog (surely you've heard of her) are the early posts. she'd write and do good. and then the next post wasnt for months later. that went on for a while. then it finally took. and she dropped 200 lbs. i think that's the secret to this whole thing. not giving up. and not being embarassed to start something. even if it's for the 100th time.

Anonymous said...

I've started over too many times to count and what I've learned is that starting over is so much better than allowing yourself to be stuck in a negative situation. I hope you're still riding the wave of positive energy that was swirling around you when you wrote this post. We're all rooting for you.


Retainer Girl said...

I think one of the hardest parts about learning to be healthy is to not get so down when you screw up. So "just keep swimming," and you will get there!