Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Breaking My Fast

Boy did I ever! Since I have been devouring the show Spain...On the Road Again, I have been particularly inspired by the European breakfast. It's not heavy and ginormous like the typical American breakfast but it's somehow just enough because of the food combinations. So this morning I wanted something pretty (to reflect the gorgeous weather outside), something delicious and something good for my body. Here is what I had:

Rustic Wheat bread with real salted butter, fresh strawberries (Tis the Season!!) and low fat organic vanilla yogurt poured over the top.

A closer look...

This was heaven. So light and refreshing and I feel really good.

Here's a pic of the bread. Really amazing, especially when used to make the best darn tomato sandwiches ever!

Crushed it!
Tonight I am going to my Mom and Step dad's house to make them a heart healthy dinner. He just got out of the hospital today since having stints put into two veins (there were blockages). Then I may be able to talk them into a easy walk. :)
Hope to have pics for you later.


Anonymous said...

WoW that looks so YUMMY and HEALTHY! Thanks for the inspirational pictures...guess what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow!

Aunt of 14 said...

That definitely looks good! It looks like something totally approveable for a diet. WHat gave you this idea? Did you find a book? I know the french have very different eating habits, but I never knew WHAT made it so different exactly, except theyre smaller and more frequent meals... this just looks so yummy...

H.K. said...

Dang, that looks good! Since I haven't had breakfast yet, I'm going to grab me some yogurt!

Samantha said...

whenever i make my meal look pretty, i always find that it's healthier and always makes me feel great about my diet! that breakfast looks delicious ... making sure i have it this week!!

Olivia said...

Poppy, thanks lady!!

Aunt of 14, Thanks for stopping by! The inspiration for that light breakfast came from watching SPAIN...On the Road Again with Mario Batali. Every time they ate it looked amazing, healthy and delicious.

H.K., how was your yogurt? ;)

Samantha, you are so right about that. After having so much success with that breakfast I am going to try to incorporate that same attitude into all my meals. :)

Acting Skinny said...

Wow! That looks so good, compared to my breakfast quesadilla...lol.
The Europeans have the right idea about a lot of things and breakfast is one of them. I also wouldn't mind a Siesta once in awhile.