Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy Bee

Whew! Okay, here goes. Woke up at 8am fixed this lovely digestion inducing beverage:

Hot Lemon Water with a dash of Cayenne Pepper.

More refreshing than you would think.
Then I enjoyed half a banana and went for a brisk 30 minute walk around my beautiful neighborhood. Once that was done I was well and truly hungry. Today I wanted something lighter than usual to keep my spirits light.

1 scoop of this,

one serving of this amazingly delicious low fat organic chocolate yogurt, the other half of the banana I had earlier and a handful of frozen strawberries and voila!

I call it the Chocolate Covered Strawberry!

Off to work I went and had a lovely time if I do say so myself and then had a lunch meeting with my business partner. We tried a new place called the University Cafe. What I thought I was ordering was a BLT with frittes but what I got was a BLT salad with a side of fries.

This was not very good. Not much flavor except for the overpowering taste of red onions.

These, however, were VERY good. Thank goodness they only gave me a small portion or that salad would never have gotten eaten.
Back to work to finish up my day. Headed over to the gym for a most excellent workout then off to World Market to spend my birthday gift card and boy did I ever!

Here are my purchases. Well over the gift card amount but well worth it. Hmmm... lots of sugar there maybe I shouldn't shop hungry. ;)
Once home, time for dinner.

Since I was so dissatisfied with my salad earlier, I decided to make my own.

Greens, tomatoes, green olives and tuna with creamy french. A piece of multi grain bread with butter and a Fuze (watermelon/strawberry). This was so delicious and filling!

Since I haven't been posting every day or every meal I thought I would give you some highlights of the new things I have been trying.

This cereal is TASTY! Oh, and super filling too.... lots of fiber and a little gas later. :) Too much info?

Especially yummy with a banana.

One of the delicious tomato sandwiches I blogged about a while back, with... you guessed it.. A BANANA.

This one had pomegranate and blueberries. A little too sweet for me.
Well that's it for today. Tomorrow's post may not happen. I have to work early, go to a funeral for my brother-in-law's grandmother. Then provided it doesn't rain I will be going to see Tonic and the Gin Blossoms. I KNOW!! Old school right?!


TJ said...

You homemade salad looked WAY better than the one you got at the cafe! You make them BIG like me! :) I wanna come over next time you make those tomato sandwiches ok? hehe


H.K. said...

I love that you post the pictures of the foods that you eat, it makes the recommendations more appetizing!

Quixsa said...

I love the fact that you take pictures of your meals! Usually when I blog about what I had to eat and how many calories I digested, I read it back and even I get bored but the pictures make all the difference.
Enjoy the concert!