Monday, May 18, 2009

Tomorrow We Can Drive Around This Town

What a crazy couple of days! This whole month of May has been nuts and not just for me but a lot of people I know. Let's get to it!

Breakfast on Friday of which half of it I managed to spill all over the place. So my actual food consumption was half of this.

Lunch at work. I went next store and got one of my favorite things in the world to eat, fish tacos. They are so fresh tasting and delicious. I also had a water.

A closer look.

From this point on the day got a little crazy. After work I ran home, took a shower and got ready to attend my brother in law's grandmother's funeral. It was really sad and beautiful she was Japanese and used to be a model. What an amazing woman! For dinner the whole family went to an Asian buffet of which I don't have a picture because I didn't feel it would be appropriate. I usually wont even walk into buffets because I have a hard time controlling my portions but I did really well and only had one small plate of food and a small dessert.

Then it was time to party down! My business partner and I had free tickets to see the Gin Blossoms and Tonic.

Here is the start of a downward spiral. :( I had three of these Blue Moons, although delicious wasn't what I had planned. Needless to say I had A LOT of fun at this concert. Everyone was in a great mood, we made some friends and the music was really fun.


Gin Blossoms
Then Pennie and I got the great idea that we should grab another beer and really enjoy the night. My battery in my camera died after the above picture so I don't have anymore of the night but suffice it to say things went nuts! Instead of another beer I got the bright idea that I wanted a dirty martini.....which I got and which totally knocked me on my butt. Strongest one I have ever had. Then we went to another place where I ordered another Blue Moon but when it got to the table I changed my mind and decided I wanted a coke and cheese fries. :( Not the best decision.
I got into bed around 1am feeling like total but and when I woke up the next morning I felt even worse. Hardly slept a wink and had to be ready to be on call at work by 10 am. Not cool! What was cool is that I wound up not having any clients so I could recoup. It was not a good or healthy day of eating for me. All my stomach could tolerate was soda and carbs but by 9pm that night I was feeling more myself. After a good nights sleep I was VERY hungry.

I egg over easy, two pieces of ciabatta toast on with butter and raspberry jam, 3 maple sausage patties, 1 kiwi and 1 glass of diluted orange/peach/ mango juice... and water and vitamin.

This totally hit the spot.

This was a little on the sour side but still good.

Thirst quenchy goodness.

Pick me up. I wanted to try them to see what all the fuss was about. This is the smallest size they carry and it was way too sweet.

Dinner at my mom's was amazing! Shrimp, scallops, half a sweet potato with Smart Balance, a side salad with fat free honey mustard and a biscuit with SB and honey. Water to drink.

I didn't eat the whole thing. It was very filling.

By the time I got home and started to relax with some Spain... On The Road Again I was ready for a little something sweet.

I always feel a little like Charlie finding the Golden Ticket when I open these.

My portion of dark chocolate/sour cherry goodness!


Dark Fury said...

I'm drinking an iced latte & I'm pretty sure they sweetened yours & then put in the syrup. Which is what? Wrong!


That chocolate... YUM!

Anonymous said...

Tonic and Blue Moon? I am so jealous!