Monday, May 11, 2009

Lawdy, Lawdy!

I swear, as soon as things start to settle down I will begin posting on more than a weekly basis. A little run down of what's been happening since LAST TUESDAY, Friday and Saturday of last week was very busy massage wise (awesome!) but extremely exhausting. Then Saturday afternoon I went to my mom's for my niece's bday party and to celebrate Mother's Day. I left there around 9pm, went home, took a shower and got gussied up for my friend Mark's bday dinner. Talk about being pooped! I didn't make it to bed until 2am.

Sunday allowed some rest time but not much since I had to get everything in order for a working interview I scored with an awesome chiropractic and spinal injury center. I think it went well but I wont find out until possibly the end of the week whether they want me to work with them or not. *fingers crossed*

Here is just a taste of a few things I have been scarfing down lately:

Oatmeal with skim milk, almonds, butter scotch chips and chunky peanut butter.

Thai veggie spring rolls....Ah Mah Zing!

The best green curry with chicken in town.

Low fat organic vanilla yogurt with almonds and cereal.

Campbell's select tomato basil soup with fat free sour cream, grilled cheese. Comfort all the way baby!

Oh, and I did wind up buying the Core Balance Diet book. I'll let you know my thoughts once I read it. Right now I am concentrating of finding my life's purpose. ;)

Oh, and to those foodies out there I have a super fun dvd recommendation, Spain...On the Road Again with Mario Batali, Mark Bittman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Claudia Bassols. So much fun!
Hope your week is fab!

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TJ said...

I want those spring rolls BAD! lol