Sunday, July 27, 2008

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I have been reading a lot of weight loss blogs recently. I guess I have been searching for examples in other bloggers for what I have been feeling lately. I mean, I completed my 21 Day Challenge. I am rewarding myself with non food prizes. I have even started to really appreciate and focus on the things I really like about myself. However this past week I haven't been to the gym once and I really haven't been very diligent with my healthy eating. In fact I have been eating what I want when I want it. To be perfectly honest, I am eating Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia out of the carton while I write this. Isn't that freakin ridiculous?! Never the less I am still eating it while writing a post about loosing focus on my weight loss blog and staring at the wing of fat waving under my arm while I turn the volume down on the tv.

What's the point of this post you may be asking yourself? The point is that I am starting fresh and new this minute. The one common fact about most weight loss success stories is that they would often lose focus in the beginning but that the point was to never give up. Just start again that very minute. Which is what I have decided to do....right now. I have put the ice cream away, am drinking a large glass of water and getting my game plan straight in my head.

Tomorrow I am starting my day by having a positivity meeting with two of the most amazing women I know while eating healthy and delicious food that is good for my body. Then I will head off to work to be a care provider for my clients. After that I will tra-la-la off to the gym to provide some much needed care for me. I may even get up the courage to get on the scale to see where I stand. Once I hit the grocery store I will start my next 21 day challenge of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

I just need to remember to stay focused and never give up. Because I am worth it. :)


Ashwee said...

Well-freakin-done! You have just pin-pointed the difference between a sucessful person and one that isn't!

It's the stick-to-it-ness (I'll copyright that new word!)that we need to achieve any goal...

Go girl. Enjoy your meeting!


Retainer Girl said...

You *are* worth it! And I will not buy you ice cream anymore.

One thing I struggle with is feeling guilty and feeling like I should just give up because I've already "ruined" my plan, but that's just a bad trap to fall into. As you said, if you stay focused and keep trying, you'll meet your goal.

And then we ALL get to go to Scotland, so you've got some pressure! :D

leila said...

You are so totally worth it!


Anonymous said...

Some of the most sucessful people in life (regardless of what their goals are) have hit rock bottom a number of times before getting it right! So don't get some set back get you derailed, you really are doing a great job!

Dark Fury said...

You, Miss Miss, are rockin' 'n' rollin' & what not! I already totally see a difference in you and I'm not just talking about your weight. As someone who has known you since G-d was a boy I feel like I'm in a position to tell you the following . . . please, don't take it the wrong way . . . you rock. You always have & you always will but lately? You rock even more hard core (oh, yeah! punk rock! Sorry, I had sugar.) than usual. That's all.