Sunday, July 13, 2008

Reasons Why I Want To Lose Weight

Just To Fat put up a lovely post reminding herself why she was trying to lose weight in the first place. It's a very inspiring post and at the end she encourages other bloggers to make a similar list. I have been thinking about mine for a few days and here is what I have come up with so far:
  • To feel the kind of sexy that healthy and fit people seem to just radiate
  • To be able to walk into any clothing store and make cute and sassy apparel purchases
  • So that my lower back doesn't constantly hurt
  • To do any adventure sport without being completely out of breath
  • To feel confident in dating again
  • So I can enjoy sex without being self conscious
  • To attract an amazing man
  • To fit comfortably in an airplane seat
  • To look beautiful and graceful dancing
  • To feel small and feminine (as much as I can at 5'10)
  • So I can comfortably do Yoga

These are just a few I came up with and the closer I get to my goal, the more I hope to come up with so that I can continue to give myself that little extra push.

How about you?


Dark Fury said...

You're on your way, lady! Have I mentioned lately that you kick ass? Well, ya' do.

Retainer Girl said...

Thank you for being honest and open! I'm so, so proud of you.

leila said...

Ditto for me. I also want to:

- set an example for my daughter and my nieces that as a woman you can have a family and a career and still take care of yourself.

- to remind myself that I need to have some "me" time

- to get my dogs as fit as they can be. Puppers need to feel good about themselves, too.

- I want to be able to see an ad for a triathlon or a marathon and say: "yeah, I could do that" and then sign up for it and DO IT!

- to be able to wear a two piece at the beach and not frighten small children whilst doing so.


girlysmack said...

Haha Leila, you already do all of that. (And you definitely do not frighten small children!)

I want to:

actually enjoy trying on clothes

stop comparing my body to the body of every woman I see

Retainer Girl said...

I want to stop:

*immediately dismissing myself as inconsequential

*lowering my self-worth

*and telling myself I'm ugly

simply because I am fat.

diana.daniel said...

I want to
*be a good example of the healthiest possible diabetic (especially once I get my RN and start working with diabetics)
* maybe be able to stop taking some of the Rx medications I am on currently
* be able to do things with Eric that our combined weight is currently too much for (parasailing and riding his motorcycle)... this requires Eric's partcipation as well... he is all for it
* be a strong, bad ass who can kayak, hike, bike, run etc.