Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 4 Food Journal

Hot lemon water

2 c Dole American salad mix
1 c baby spinach
1/3 c yellow corn kernels
1 serving Healthy Ones honey ham
1 light cheese stick
3 Tbsp Ken's Buttermilk ranch dressing

1 Chobani strawberry greek yogurt 0% fat
1/4 c Kashi H2H cereal in the yogurt

2 Quaker Oats choc. chunk granola bars
1 medium sized granny smith apple

12 piece volcano roll
6 piece Philadelphia roll
1 piece white tuna
small mixed salad with sesame dressing

Total Calories:

Because of my indulgence last evening I wasn't feeling too hot this morning. My stomach was queasy and I had a roaring headache so I decided that what my body really wanted was hot lemon water for breakfast and then tons and tons of cool refreshing water after that. I had a slow morning so not much fuel was needed. Since I opted out of breakfast my calories are under what they should be today. That's okay because I didn't feel deprived in anyway. In fact I felt sooo much better. I ate lighter foods today but did over order at the sushi restaurant so now I am a little stuffed. Nothing hot tea and a cuddle with a good book wont fix. :)

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy and prosperous day for me. I have 5 massages at two different places and then I head down to my mom's to spend quality time with my little niece, do laundry and have delicious Mexican food. I will do my best to stick to the healthier options but oh how I love cheese! So if I don't update tomorrow night it's because I am exhausted. Never fear.... I will do it.... on Sunday! Ta da!

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