Friday, January 23, 2009

Drive By Posting

I am able to squeeze one more posting on this here weight loss blog and I am super duper excited about it. :D

I won 3 FREE months of Weight Watchers' Momentum program from a giveaway that Lorrie from The Token Fat Girl was hosting. Maybe this is the program that will work for me or at least help me on my road to fitness and healthy living. WOO HOO!!


Retainer Girl said...



Anonymous said...

That is awesome...Weight Watchers is a great plan and I know it will give you the boost you need.


wildfluffysheep said...


Everyone seems to be on the weightwatchers bandwagon! Is it really that effective?


Jenn M said...

Weight Watchers is bomb! I do weight watchers online and it really helps you eat the right foods and it doesn't completely starve you!!!!
Good luck!!! :) If you want some recipes or snack ideas.. let me know. i've been doing WW now for 1month and lost 6 pounds.