Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 5 Food Journal

1.25 c Kashi H2H cereal
1 c 2% milk
hot lemon water

2 c Dole American salad mix
1 c fresh spinach
1/3 c yellow corn
1 Frigo light string cheese
1 serving Healthy Choice Honey Ham
3 Tbsp Ken's Light Buttermilk Ranch
1 Quaker Oats Choc. Chunk Granola Bar
1 Chobani blueberry

1 Quaker Oats Choc. Chunk Granola Bar
1 medium banana

Pancho Villa:
1 large chicken flauta
1 c Spanish rice
1/2 c refried beans
1 fruit punch Jarrito

2 small slices of cheese danish
1/2 c coffee with half n half and sugar

Total Calories:

I kinda figured that I would go over today since I was super busy with work and under calories yesterday. So fine, that's cool I will just eat even better tomorrow. Starting with a delicious breakfast. Toodles!

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