Thursday, January 1, 2009

Strength and Courage

Happy New Year Everyone! Where to begin.......

Okay let's just jump into it. For the first time in 20 plus years losing weight is not my "resolution" for the new year. In fact, I don't like the word RESOLUTION. It always seemed to have a negative connotation to me. Instead on New Year's Eve I like to reflect on the current year and bring that to a close and then move on to what my intentions are for the new year and this is what I came up with: STRENGTH and COURAGE.
  • Spiritual, emotional, physical, financial strength
  • The Courage to allow myself to let go of the painful memories and fears that are holding me in this unhealthy and overly protected body
  • Strengthen my relationships in every area of my life
  • Courage to see myself as truly beautiful
  • Strengthen my business
  • Courage to fall in love and let myself be loved in return
  • Strength to up my clientele and learn new modalities
  • Courage to try new things, meet new people and travel new places
  • Strength to update this blog more regularly
  • and the Courage and Strength to love myself completely and enjoy the amazing ride I'm on

I think that's enough for now. ;) I feel very calm about this year. Numerologically( is that even a word?) speaking I am going into a 9 year which is the culmination of all things and all lessons. So if I don't get it now, work on it and learn from it then in 2010 I start the lessons all over again. No, thank you.

So yeah, lots of awesome things to work on. I will of course still blog about health and weight issues, still record my numbers, log my workouts and reflect on my food intake but the main purpose of the blog will be Strength and Courage.

Thank you to everyone; commenters, lurkers, friends and family who have shared in my journey. Your words of encouragement and silent well wishes mean the world to me.

HAPPY 2009!!


Retainer Girl said...

I love your 2009 intentions. They are amazing and powerful--just like you!


I love your attitude! With goals like that I think can't imagine this year being anything other than kick ass!

diana.daniel said...

Yee haw... here is to an awesome 2009 for all of us!

joyfullgrrrl said...

hi there! may your intententions manifest some wonderful journeys for you this year!